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How to participate in our online profiling system:

Previously an in-print-only magazine with readership of over 60,000 across the U.S.,
ThalasTravel recently launched its online version: A growing database of cities featuring places
to sleep, eat, and play. Only facilities that have been reviewed by a Thalas Representative will be profiled.
To participate, you must invite a Thalas Representative to try out one of your services:

Simply email with the following:
1) The experience you are offering
2) Your contact information and website
3) Anything else you'd like us to know (this is your chance to stand out)



i. When will ThalasReps let me know if they've accepted my invitation? ThalasRepresentatives will
typically contact you at least one week in advance to confirm the dates and availability of your invitation.

ii. What will be profiled? For every sleepery, eatery, and playery, we provide website viewers with
a quick description, company name, a direct phone number, address, and website. We believe
if the young professional is interested, they should have direct access to you.

iii. How long will our profile stay on your website? We encourage you to have your site visited
every one to two years. This enables us to be sure our description is accurate and up to date. Any
places not visited in the past two years are subject to deletion.

iv. Are there any plans to add public user reviews? Yes, we plan to add an online user review
and comments portion to the bottom of each profile. This is in production and beta testing and will
only be released once ThalasTravel has launched Internationally.

v. What else is in the works? We are considering ways in which to add a video submission & link for
companies profiled in our system. This would enable viewers to see a brief video introduction to your site.
We are also considering adding an "extended information" link to every profile for more detailed reviews.

vi. When can companies from my city participate? Currently, we are focused on developing our
database in California cities only. We plan to launch Nationally and Internationally in the near future.

vii. What type of experience should I invite ThalasRepresentatives to try out? We will review any
invitation to visit. Sleeperies often invite one to two ThalasReps for one to two night's stay, Eateries often
offer signature appetizers or meals. Playeries typically offer an experience that sets them apart from others.

viii. Can we provide the pictures? You can request to provide a picture, but we typically take our own.

ix. I am a tours based company, can I participate? Of Course! That is what our "Play" section is for.

x. Is there a yearly fee I must pay to keep my profile listed? No, this is currently a free service.

xi. What are some examples of profiles already listed? Click here for: Sleepery, Eatery, Playery

xii. Where do we send any other questions? You can email us at

*Note: ThalasTravel Magazine debuted in 2004, started by a group of seniors and young alumni from
Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, and University of Michigan. They were all interested in
finding classy destinations fit for the young professional. Today, we are found on the first page of any
Google Search for "young professional travel." Backed by venture capital, ThalasTravel continues to grow.

In response to demand and market research on what young professionals wanted in an online travel guide,
we launched a website dedicated to simplicity, clarity, professionally audited
presentation, and ease of use. After clicking on "Take me there, Thalas..." website visitors locate any city
on our world map. For every city, we have a list of places to sleep, eat, and play. The result: a simple,
trusted, travel guide where every location has been quality checked by one of our ThalasRepresentatives.